Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stadium Woes Grow For Jorge Vergara

Bureaucratic heavy handedness has the wealthy Mexican businessman wishing for a little respect.

Just as hyperactive billionaire, multi team owner Jorge Vergara appeared settled enough to put long construction delays setting back the opening of his new Guadalajara Chiva stadium, a new crop of difficulties have popped up.

Difficulties of an origin – bureaucracy and government authority – most unsavoury for free-spirited entrepreneurs to swallow.

Officials of the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco have informed the Chivas owner he will not be allowed to inaugurate his new 55,000 seat stadium on the programmed date because collateral roadways and transportation infrastructure servicing the area is not sufficient to allow safe and orderly egress.

Despite studies conducted by Vergara’s companies show no major hazard to exist, authorities will not allow the long awaited facility to open. Salt to the wound is these necessary improvements are the responsibility of the same municipal government that won't allow the opening and no one has a firm idea when deficencies will be remedied. 

As negotiations were continuing on that front last week, just hours before an important CF Saprissa league match, government treasury department authorities in San Jose, Costa Rica swopped down on Ricardo Saprissa Stadium to post announcements and chain entry doors closed.

Like Chivas are to Mexico, Saprissa is Costa Rica’s most popular team. Vergara owns them as well.

The apparent claim there is the owner owes the treasury for tax deduction funds not remitted on player income.

Vergara claims all payroll taxes deducted from player salaries has been remitted on a regular basis. He says authorities want him to pay taxes owing on about 5 or 6 years worth of player’s endorsement incomes and that is something they should be asking players for.
Vergara and a group of his management and legal people were in San Jose Thursday and today to launch a legal claim against the government.

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